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The first campaign


It is a requirement at Casterton Secondary College, that all year 10 students must undertake a week of work experience. I was fifteen at the time and had long since decided that I wanted to be a copywriter. I had fallen in love with Apple’s “Think Different” campaign and Mt Franklin’s pink bottle cap and I knew that writing ads was exactly what I wanted to do.

So while the other students in my class were writing letters to local hair dressers and plumbers (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I was hatching up a plan to secure work experience at a real agency. I would have to go to Adelaide, 6hrs away from out little country town, and stay with my grandparents, but it would be SO worth it. Still, I was fifteen and I knew that even graduates struggled against the competition to get work experience.

The solution that I came up with was to create an advertising campaign that sold myself as the product. The resulting campaign included a TVC, a billboard ad, a long copy ad and a magazine print ad (shown above).

The campaign was extremely successful with several replies and offers for work experience with two different agencies, KWP! Advertising, and The Kingdom Advertising. I didn’t want to pass up either opportunity and  I took both. I was asked back to The Kingdom and completed a second week of work experience there.

Both weeks were invaluable, I learned so much and met incredibly talented people. Most it really cemented in my young mind that advertising was what I wanted to do. Five years on and I still agree.

Here is the campaign:

Long Copy Ad copy

Billboard, in view of the boss's window


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